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Apparel Cut Planning

Failing to plan is, planning to fail

About 60 - 70 % of the cost of a garment is comprised of the cost of materials / fabric. Fabric saved is money earned.

WWith customers becoming more demanding and styles changing rapidly, vendors are making smaller orders to keep
with the evolving trends. Efficient planning of a production cutting room becomes increasingly vital.

Thankfully, with a little help from technology, the whole process can be automated with a high degree of success.
Highly efficient auto nesting combined with fabric roll allocation and cut planning ensures maximizing yield and
minimizing end bits, ultimately affecting the bottom line.

Technology aided decision making in the cutting room ensures lower wastage & increased profits

apparel cut plan

Apparel Cut plan

Aid decision making on production bulk cutting using decision making tools to optimize fabric consumption, cutting times etc all of which have a direct bearing on your profitability

Apparel production cutting roomm

Optimum combinations

 Manually placing patterns has its limitations. Modern CAD tools get higher yields compared to a manual method in a matter of minutes.

Combined with a cut plan and a fabric management system yields optimum results.

automatic multi ply cutter

Speed, accuracy and cost advantage with automation

Automatic layering and cutting machines give a cost advantage where labour is either expensive or products require high accuracy cutting quality


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