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Apparel pattern  grading

Accurate professional pattern grading service

Every garment pattern part must be graded / scaled ( increased or decreased ) in comparison to a base / sample size to arrive at the right fit for every size. The grading process, can be pretty challenging  as  the growth patterns of the human body has to be considered and analyzed before applying it to the style of the garment.

We work with European as well as American sizes. We collaborate with our clients to ascertain the grade rules to be applied to any style or follow their grading specifications.  We keep abreast of the latest ASTM standards for our grading rules.

The latest CAD tools help grade patterns with speed and accuracy 

Trouser shorts pattern grading

Pattern grading RFT

Accurate grading of patterns RFT ( Right First Time ) using the latest Apparel CAD systems.
Advanced tools to check consistency and accuracy, notch matching, seam matching and measurement checking

Nested pattern grading

Fast pattern grading

Our expert technicians have years of experience working with the biggest brands across the world. We are very easy to work with. Our handholding approach puts every aspiring designer at ease.

Blouse shirt pattern grading

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